Album being finished very soon….due for release before the end of 2021!

You Can’t Make Somebody Love You-

The latest track off the forthcoming album.

November’s single! A Side-Let Go Let God

B-Side-Sonnet-The Verve (Cover version)

Oct 6th 2020

—First radio airplay of I Can Feel You In My Blood ever on Zetland FM tonight!

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Oct 5th 2020—Thanks to Indie Band Guru for this article on the day of release!

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Debut single is Sunshine Mind-Watch the lyric video here

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Bentley got the music bug when battering the armchair with knitting needles to glam rock on Top of The Pops.Buying a 9 piece drum kit on HP which horrified his mother and caused a massive row Bentley formed a band in Sheffield called Rough Justice.His first gig was as at his Dads mental hospital where he was chaplain.

The band then morphed in into Spirit Of Justice.

Then after being inspired by Hanoi Rocks and trash rock the band turned into Harmonix who toured the UK.

During this period Bentley was studying the rivetting subject Public Administation and drumming in a student band called Risk.The band performed at all the Leicester Uni and De Montford Uni halls..doing covers with a singer who had a shirt cut like Robinson Crusoe

Leaving for London in 1985 Bentley auditioned for bands until joining Jump Tribe managed by a rich sloane.Jump Tribe played London venues with material like Duran,King and Rolling Stones…Bentley got fired for being too rock and roll..and out of time beatwise.

Hip Hop exploded in 1987 in the UK.One listen to a fill on a Mantronix track in a Clapham pub turned Bentley’s view of rhytym on its head.What followed was a massive revelation.He bought the Beasties Boys album and played it for 6 months straight.

The days of straight 4/4 playing were over.Fate dictated that he then saw an ad saying drummer wanted for rock/hip hop band.He then joined US-UK on stand up drums which was visual,exciting and different.US UK got quite big pretty quickly sounding like a Rage Against the Machine meets Half Man Half Biscuit.

The bands hype took over from their music eventually.On Mtv they held up the poster US-UK had done featuring Wendy James of Transvision Vamp with a painted on moustache.Sacrilege at that time.(The single was called You’ve got Nothing I Need Wendy)

US-UK even tough they were ahead of their time supported Faith No More and Pop Will Eat Itself at sell out shows at The famous Marquee.

Falling in love with a Spanish women Bentley moved to Barcelona only to discover that music was a no go there compared to the UK.He switched to acting and ended up killing both of his parents in US action series Dark Justice (Featuring a pre fame Carrie Anne Moss) Other highlights of his thesbianisms in Barcelona was playing an American ambassador and letting Liz Hurley out of a concentration camp.

Coming back to the Uk in the early 90s Bentleys confidence was high enough to want to drop the drums and sing.He joined dBV (Driven by Visions) an alt rock band who went on tour with Goth legends The Marionettes.

After this Bentley was dogged about forming his own band and hiring and firing a muddled course through line ups and names…including 27 and the Remedy.All of which gigged at The Dublin Castle,The Garage,Barfly etc

After being persuaded to come to Hillsong church by a Korean english student Bentley witnessed a wild cool haired cool clothed worship band going crazy on stage.That lit the touch paper for his faith turnaround.Forming a band of musicians from that church he went and played Festivals such as Greenbelt twice.

When a key member the Taiwanese keyboard player left the seeds of the band started to fall apart.

Paving the way for a new beginning…forming Explode The Tv…the band went on to release 3 albums,,,Barcode Heart,Rhymes for Robots and Normalized.The band can be seen this weekend at Farm Fest online Sun 30th August 2020

Coming up to the present day.boredom and finishing the whole Brooklyn 99 series made him wander into the store room and pick up his old accoustic guitar…learning new chords,and tampering with the Oasis and Verve songbooks he wrote a load of songs,bought a semi accoustic and ended up recording an ep with Henry White the producer. The e.p will be a series of singles being released every other month or every month

The first single is Sunshine Mind which is available on digital platforms Sept 7th.

The second single will be I Can Feel You In My Blood release date to be confirmed.

Funny Fact

Bentley sang on The Last Leg on Channel 4 dressed as David Cameron doing Posh Spice